Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Article: Top Products To Block Light & Noise

Hey, these guys are hot on the trail! They reviewed products designed to promote better sleep by blocking light and noise (just like the products on our site -- The Complete Sleeper): Sleep Masks, Blackout Blinds and Earplugs.

Here's the article:

Top Products to Block Light and Noise

Having trouble falling asleep? Maybe it's not you. Many uncontrollable elements can keep you awake at night, so GHRI tested a variety of sleeping aids that block light and noise. These top-of-the-line products will get you counting sheep in no time.

This sleeping mask earned the highest score for its contoured shape (which let testers blink comfortably) and its adjustable strap.

Mack's Dreamweaver Contoured Sleep Mask
This mask also did well, though some panelists felt the nose bridge was uncomfortable and the Velcro strap snagged their hair.

With its soft, padded lining, this mask was the hands-down favorite in the flush-to-the-eyes style.

Available in four colors, this shade earned perfect scores on our professional evaluation for opacity.

Made of woven grass, reeds, or bamboo, this blackout window treatment came in at the top (though a few testers thought the weave allowed some light to shine through).

Available in a wide variety of fabrics, colors, textures, and liftings, this honeycomb shade also helps save energy by blocking out heat and cold.

Available in 21 colors, this shade performed well in our lab run-throughs, but some panelists felt that light still came through.

These drapes, available in five colors, block light while looking soft and textured.

For the decor savvy, these panels not only block light, they have an elegant drape and come in three colors.

With 12 sounds, including ocean surf, rain, and white noise, this noise machine will gradually slow down to lull you to sleep. There are also three timer settings, though you can set it to run all night. [This is basically a modified Sound Oasis S-650]

These foam bullet-shaped plugs scored highest for muffling ability and comfort.

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