Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sleep in the News

I am pleasantly surprised that at least once a week, one of the featured stories on Yahoo relates to sleep. Today, for example, an NPR story was featured, entitled "In Today's World, the Well-Rested Lose Respect." There's a picture of Bill Clinton falling asleep during the dedication of his boyhood home. The jist of the story is that people tend to sacrifice sleep in order to achieve more in life, and that this behavior is admired.

Well, I agree that's the way it is (myself included), and nobody's going to change that any time soon. Meanwhile, my philosophy is to get the best sleep I can, no matter how brief it is. That means building up an arsenal of things that fend off loud noises and bright lights that disrupt sleep.

You can only allocate 7 hours a day for sleep? Make the best of it with a sleep mask, ear plugs, a white noise machine, blackout blinds, etc. We sell it all at The Complete Sleeper! If you do the math, you can improve your sleep for pennies a day without resorting to pills.

My arsenal? Every night: ear plugs, sleep mask, white noise machine and blackout blinds. Double protection against noise, and double protection against light. These products have changed my life for the better for nearly 20 years. Try them yourself!

Sleep tight!



Ann Clark said...

Why is it that all of the comments are by Paul? Is Paul the name of the owner of the comlete sleeper? Just a wild guess.

Paul said...

That's right! I started this business because I wanted to end other people's sleep misery. I use four of my own sleep products every night, which probably gives me an extra hour of sleep: earplugs, sleep mask, white noise machine and blackout blinds. Without them, I'd be miserable. I also started this blog because I am somewhat obsessed with sleep.

Check us out at www.thecompletesleeper.com